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Bokwa Fitness Is the Newest Fitness Craze

You’ve probably heard of Zumba and Turbo Kick and maybe even Piloxing, but have you heard of Bokwa Fitness? It is a huge fitness craze throughout the U.S. and numerous other countries.

What is BOKWA®?

Bokwa Fitness is an exercise dance class that combines cardio conditioning, strength training and flexibility. Furthermore, it integrates customary African dance with boxing maneuvers. The name came from a combination of two other words; “BO” stands for light boxing and “KWA” symbolizes the traditional dance Kwaito.

A certified fitness instructor and dancer, Paul Mavi, created Bokwa Fitness in 2000. Mavi says “The magic of it all is something called click-click. Click-click is a two-step that you do that actually changes in the next step or move forward. It allows you to know where you’re going.”

Bakwa DVD will soon be available to purchase, and you can check out a sneak peak of what it involves. You can also search for a nearby class to join the party with others, and a preview of what a class looks like can be found on YouTube.

You can feel the energy just by watching. Bokwa is definitely a lean, mean exercise routine. Do you think you can keep up?

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